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Green Monster UK supply pest control products for the exclusion and treatment of public health pests.

At Green Monster UK the health of our planet is of utmost concern – We strive to be Green – just like our monster!

Both energy and carbon efficiency are at the heart and forefront of every manufacturing and logistical decision we make and we are committed to only working alongside organisations that share our dedication to sustaining our planet.


Green Monster drain valves are made from high grade (304) anti-corrosion stainless steel. They are suitable for installation within drainage/sewer systems made of PVC, clay and cast iron pipework.

Once correctly fitted, the curved flap of the valve will open to allow free flow of water and waste materials, shutting itself once flow has stopped.

The curved flap sits perfectly within the pipework and prevents any rats from bypassing the valve, therefore gaining entry into your property via the drainage system.

The valve stays in-situ within the system by means of two flexi brackets that cause mechanical compression of the side walls.

We also suggest the use of our bespoke installation pole.

The valve can be easily opened so that the aperture is a few millimeters larger than the pipe to be fitted in. Once the bespoke installation pole is attached, the valve can be inserted into the system and by twisting the installation pole in a clockwise direction it will compress the unit to become the perfect size for the branchwork and is an ideal problem solver when carrying out installation into deeper chambers.


100mm (4 inch) diameter

150mm (6 inch) diameter

304 grade, anti-corrosion stainless steel

Suitable for all pipework , PVC, Clay, Cast Iron


You need to have an accessible inspection chamber on your property, where you can readily access your drainage system.

Follow these steps to install your Green Monster UK LTD Drain Valve.

  1. Find an accessible inspection chamber
  2. Open the lid of the chamber and inspect the branches within. Note: You may have a number of separate branches
  3. Flush any toilets in the property to identify where the waste water runs and check the direction of flow
  4. Push the drain valve into the main outflow branch
  5. Secure into position using the restraining wire by attaching this to the side of the inspection chamber, alternatively use the stop bolt provided.

It is worth noting that although an inspection chamber on your property will be taking your drainage, it could also be collecting drainage from adjoining properties. In this case you will see branches taking your waste water joining into the main run of the chamber which collects the waste.

Although installing your Drain valve into the main outflow branch will protect all other branches within the system, this may be against the regulations of the local water authority and the best course of action would be to install the valve into your outgoing branch only.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Green Monster UK LTD drain valves are of superb quality and we consistently receive five star reviews from professional pest control suppliers. Please check out our Facebook page for reviews.

NEW Tomb style RAT TRAPS


Green Monster UK Ltd are pleased to bring to market our new tomb snap trap, that is big enough to match the biggest brand… yet small enough to fit under UK kitchen kickboards.

Buy in a Pack of 5

Buy in a Pack of 10

Remove kitchen kickboards easily

Are you tired of trying to find the right tool to remove kitchen kickboards?
We have the solution!

Our 4 piece hook and pick set allows you to remove kitchen kickboards easily with no fuss or damage.

The full hook or angled hook fits effortlessly between the gap above the kickboards allowing an easy turn, all you need to do is then pull the kickboards towards you for quick and easy removal.

No more struggling with screwdrivers and no more damaged kickboards.

Pick up yours today

Installation poles

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Pest odours? No problem.

Our range of PowAir and ONA odour removal products are naturally formulated and non-toxic,  they are chemical and alcohol free and can be safely used around the whole family, pets included.

Order yours today and regain control over unwanted odours within your environment.

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Looking for a certified installer?

Green Monster UK LTD drain valves are quick and easy to install, however if you’d prefer not to do this yourself, we have a large list of certified installers and can find one local to you, that will be happy to help.

Please call us today on 07771503107 and we can put you in touch.

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